• Madison Ave Clearance Grab Bag

Foxy Fix

Madison Ave Clearance Grab Bag

Sold Out


  • 1 Foxy Card Sleeve
  • 1 Heart Shaped Coaster
  • 1 Single Pen Sleeve
  • 1 Key Chain

For $3.00 off use code: GRABBAG 


What is this code for? We are currently unable to offer free shipping for particular listings. Please use the code to save on shipping. Thank you :)


    • Limited supplies, while supplies last
    • Ships in 1-3 business days

    Will these be restocked? These grab bags will not be restocked until further notice and the listings will be taken down as they sell out. Our current priorities are current custom orders and working hard to get the turn around down for custom. As we get the chance to organize and sort through our remnants we may offer the same or a similar grab bag clearance special.

    Why are these considered clearance items? These items in particular have been made with good quality leather remnants. As we only make leather covers and items from 1 hide to ensure color and texture consistency we have in thus accumulated a variety of good leather remnants. We would like to take this time as a chance to give these leather remnants purpose and create more space in the studio. The items are in new and quality condition. 

    Can I emboss my grab bag items? We are currently not offering any add on, custom order design options to this clearance bundle. Items are already made and ready to ship in 1-3 business days.

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