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Key Fob Moonlit



This key fob is a wonderful addition to your Foxy Accessories collection. Handmade from the same quality leathers as our Foxy Notebooks and Foxy Rings, this keyfob is both practical and stylish. The leather piece is a loop embossed with our Foxy Fix logo. It includes a high quality, durable oval clasp in a silver finish on one end and a standard key ring on the other.

Leather loop: 3.5 x .75" when flat
Total length including hardware: 6"
Weight: 1.2 oz

Handcrafted and shipped out of our North Idaho studio.

Leather Character

Creamy Beige

Full Grain

Thickness: 1.8-2mm

Firmness: Supple

Finish: Light finish that gives it a soft satin texture and mild
water resistance. Light natural range markings

Durability: Not prone to marks from casual use but digging into the finish will cause scratches that don't rub out easily.

Texture: Smooth

Style: Sleek and Sophisticated


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