The Daily Fox

We love seeing all of your Foxy-related photos every month!

This challenge is now focused on Instagram, so come check out our new Instagram account just for The Daily Fox!

The Daily Fox is a series of prompts that we hope will encourage you to use and photograph your Foxy. We have a variety of different prompts and encourage you to make them your own. Do them all, or do the ones that seem fun, just make sure to have something Foxy in every shot!

We encourage you to share them on Instagram using the hashtag #TheDailyFox. Every qualifying post with the first hashtag is an entry to win a $25 giftcard this month. We also use the hashtag to find photos to repost on the @TheDailyFox feed!

Our awesome Challenge Team is going to be sharing their posts every day too, so keep an eye out for:
Tiffany O'grady

We can't wait to see your photos!

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