Mystery Sale Information and Policies

What is a mystery sale?

Mystery sales are clearance sales. 

How do mystery sales work?

At the time of the mystery sale golden envelope listings will appear on the "mystery sale" tab on the main menu. From there you will be able to snag the type of item you are looking for. You can shop by item type and size. For example a ring binder in pocket size. The rest is a mystery! 

What type of items and quality is the mystery sale made up of? 

Mystery sale items are made up of a variety of items including:

Items with imperfections.

Items that we made twice by mistake. 

Items made with leather that does not pass our full price standard.

Items made with leather colors that we did not receive enough of to be able to release.

Items made with new leather that we have yet to launch and want to sneak peek.

Discontinued leathers. 


New items made for listings.

New items made for photos for social media.

Are mystery sale items embossed? 

Items may include embossing and foil. However we never include names and monograms. Only shapes and inspirational words.

How often do you have mystery sales?

Mystery sales are sporadic. And happen at least a few times a year. 

Can I add in-stock items to my order such as dashboard inserts?

Yes! You can. 

Can I add a custom item to my mystery sale order?

Yes! You can. However, if ordered with a custom item the mystery sale will ship together on the turnaround time of the custom item which is up to 30 business days.

What are the mystery sale rules and policies?

Depending on each mystery sale and the quantity of items there are limitations per customer (not per order). These limitations will be sent out in a newsletter and posted to Instagram before each sale in an easily viewed manner. However, in general and unless noted otherwise it is 1 Cover per customer.

All sales are final.

No returns.

No cancelations.

We can not combine orders.

Mystery sale items ship in 1-3 business days. 

Mystery sale items ship in golden envelopes unless it is a ring binder. Those ship in boxes to protect ring mechanism from being damaged. Totes and if your order is larger then what would fit in the envelope. Then it will ship in a box.

Mystery sale items do not come with pouches.

Mystery sale ring binders do not include the page lifter. 

Mystery sale items are embossed with a dash ( - ) under the Foxy Fix logo on the back of the cover to signify that it was sold as a clearance item and to protect second hand buyers. 

Personal reward codes are welcomed. 

Extra Info:

We will generally place the "mystery sale" tab on the main menu 1 - 2 hours ahead of the sale. This is so the tab can easily be located. At the time of the sale. Be sure to refresh your page to allow all the listings to generate on your window. Due to the amount of listings we have it can take the platform additional minutes to populate all listings and not every listing will appear right at the advertised release time. 

Mystery sales are often more in the style of a flash sale. And there are times that items sell out quite quickly. Other times the sale can last a couple hours.

Please know ahead of time that we literally do not have the ability to hold items in your cart for you. And that a speedy checkout can be necessary to successfully snagging an envelope. We greatly value your time and need to let you know that not every person may end up with an order as items may sell out quickly. 

Please refrain from participating in the mystery sale if any of the above is not agreeable to you. We want you to be happy! And while a lot of new items that could be sold at full price are included there are many items with imperfections, and our 2nd grade leather pieces are included and in thus some of the reasons why the items are greatly discounted.