About Our Studio

Foxy Fix Pen Pouch and Tote BannerIn a small town way up in Northern Idaho exists a wonderful leather studio. Here, about 15 of us make up the Foxy Fix® team. And here, everything from design, prototyping, crafting, shipping, customer care, listing making, photography and more we work harmoniously together on the same open floor. 

Sourcing beautiful leather mostly from Europe and the USA but not limited to, we find gorgeous colorful and textured leathers. In addition to having exclusive colors made just for us.

Each day we print off orders and get started making the items right away. We first cut the leather, hand selecting each part of the item from the leather hide. Then it goes to our artisans that prepare the item for the sewing department, making sure that every inch of the item is up to our quality standards. A lot more goes into preparing leather to be turned into a cover than what one may think. Some of these things range from changing the thickness of the leather if needed, to selecting the best suited pieces of leather for the design. This is also where items are debossed with your personalization selections. The items then move into the sewing area where our team of skilled operators will sew each item together watching as each stitch is placed. It will then be strung with elastic and or have any final hardware installed. Finally it will be inspected once more prior to it being packaged. If any item during the process gets damaged or does not pass a quality check point the item will either be remade or perfected to ensure that our customers get a beautiful custom hand made item. Once the item is ready and finished the item will be handed off to the shipping department where any accessory items will be added to your order and will be packaged and ready to be picked up by the carrier. 

Being a shop that offers many sizes, colors, designs and personalizations our standard turnaround for made to order items are 30 business days. Our entire operation is managed manually and all our items are handcrafted. Often we ship much sooner than this stated turnaround time. The 30 business days is there to ensure that with everyday we have the proper time to update equipment, sharpen tools, replace splitter knives, calibrate and service sewing machines,  package parcels, organize our design templates and quality control each very unique and individual Foxy Fix® cover or item.

To support a made to order shop is a grand choice! Made to order businesses only produce what they need and we are never left with extra product inventory that could end up in landfills. Foxy Fix® is a family owned small business and owner operated. This means that as the owner we work with our team everyday Monday through Friday.

We are extremely grateful for your support and we want you to know that your covers are not just made with love but made to love!

Sincerely, Kelly and Jordan Marco and the entire Foxy Fix® team!

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