The Ultimate Catch Up Post - New Designs & Options

The Ultimate Catch Up Post - New Designs & Options
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Hello Foxy Friends!

In this blog post we have a couple new things to talk about and I want to recap our base model names. I am going to attempt to keep this blog post simple and to the point as there is a lot to go over and I want this to be a useful and easy read. 

Recap (skip the recap if you are familiar with our new base model names): Last month we titled our base models so they can be easily differentiated. We have 2 main base models.

1) Folio model features 90 degree angled corners and a big back pocket. Folio is available in Foxy Notebooks and Ring Binders. Folio is made with thinner leathers. The big back pocket was designed to give our thinner leather covers more structure and to create a nice big organizational/storage pocket space for you. 

Top view of a Folio model as a ring binder.

Folio Ring Binder Organizer

2) Original model features rounded corners. The Original model is generally made with thicker leathers such as Sugar and Wildflower but is available in thinner leathers as a Perfect Fit cover. Original model is available as a Foxy Notebook, Ring Binder and Perfect Fit cover.

Top view of an Original model in a Perfect Fit cover, designed for the mini hp size in Sugar Mint leather.

Original Perfect Fit Cover In Mini Happy Planner Size

Corner view. On the top you can see Spice Sage in a Folio model. On the bottom you can see Sugar Mint in an Original model.

Folio and Original Corner Comparison

Let's Talk Perfect Fit Cover For The Mini HP!

  • Available as a Perfect Fit cover.
  • Available in the Original model.
  • Designed to fit 1.25" discs.
  • Available with different pocket options: Petal Pockets (new!), Criss Cross Pockets, Secretarial Pockets or Card Pockets (see diagram below for pocket and other perfect fit size options).
Open view of the new Perfect Fit cover in Mini Hp size in Sugar Mint leather with our new petal pockets!


Perfect Fit Diagram

Lets Talk Petal Pockets!

  • Our newest pocket options.
  • Available in Foxy Notebooks, Ring Binders and Perfect Fit covers.
  • Available in all existing model types.

Petal Pocket Design Concept: As a team, we knew the next step was to design and make a cascading pocket. We wanted to make sure to add a variation that is different from all our other options. We wanted to create pocket spaces that are both functional and beautiful. After several prototypes and discussions we landed on this design which is both visually pretty and functional. The pockets are evenly spaced. The depths of the pockets are the same from top to bottom. We wanted pockets that you could store your items in without those items dropping to the bottom of the cover. Behind the petal pockets there is a full size side loading pocket. Whether you choose the petal pocket in the Original model or the Folio model it is very functional. 

Here is a photo of the inside construction of the pockets. They cascade! And are made of 100% leather. 

Here is a side view of the cascading pockets. No added bulk, sweet!

Here is a view of the different sizes of the petal pockets. For example in the very back a no.8 (A5). In the middle a No.4 (personal). And on the very bottom a No.0 (Micro).

It may not be obvious at first glance but we did scale the petals depending on the cover size. We wanted every cover type and size to have beautiful and well proportioned petals.

Here is a quick view of our diagrams. Diagrams represent the cover type, cover size and pocket design options. Diagrams can all be found in each listing.

Diagram 1: Original Foxy Notebook


Diagram 2: Folio Foxy Notebook

Diagram 3: Original Ring Binder

Diagram 4: Folio Ring Binder

Diagram 5: Original Perfect Fit

As you can see we have a lot of options and if this is overwhelming please email us at anytime and we would be so happy to help guide you towards the right cover type, the right leather and even the size that will suit your needs and wants! Email for a guaranteed reply!

Lets Talk New Black And White Foil Colors!

  • Black foil is a flat matte finish.
  • White foil is a flat matte finish. 
  • It's gorgeous!
White foil examples.

Black foil examples.

Last But Not Least! 

  1. Original Ring Binder is now available in Pocket and A6 size.
  2. Criss-Cross Pockets are now available on the Original Foxy Notebook and Original Ring Binder.
  3. Folio Ring Binder is now available in A5 size featuring 35mm Krause Rings.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Please do zip us a email regarding help, feedback, questions or to just say Hello! We would love to hear from you.

Sincerely, The Foxy Fix Team

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