The Return Of In-Stock

Posted on 27 August 2018

If you are new to Foxy Fix you may not be aware that from time to time we use to carry (already made) leather covers that are pre-designed and ready to ship in 1-3 business days. We typically made items from our most popular colors. But will be switching it up this time around!
Having ready to ship items are great for the Holidays but there are other reasons both important and fun to bring it back.
Why did in-stock go away? There was a big sale late last year that was pretty big and we ended up utilizing our in-stock team to help finish make custom orders. In thus our in-stock artisan department dissolved and we never set the in-stock team back up again but rather kept them on the custom team.
What will the shipping turnaround for in-stock leather covers be? All already made items, leather covers, paper goods or vinyl dashboards ship in 1-3 business days unless stated otherwise.
Can I emboss an in-stock leather cover? As of now and until further notice we will not be able to emboss in-stock leather good items. There are 2 reasons for that now (with 1 exception).
1) The last time we had in-stock available we were able to emboss the front right corner. So what has changed? Essentially the type of leather that we will be making in-stock items to start with. Before our in-stock items, we mostly made of the Sugar collection which once already made was easy to emboss. Whereas the spice leather and similar leathers once already made are hard to emboss.
2) We currently do not have a emboss machine set up for in-stock. This is something we can add later if a shift in the desired leather changes. And something we are working on but may take us up to several weeks. Embossing for in-stock leathers will be dependant on the leather type and even the design of the item. I Will update as soon as I can!
How do I know if an in-stock color will return?  In the listing description, we will add a new tab that will help indicate whether the leather color is a Limited Edition, Limited Supply, One Of A  Kind, or if it will Restock. If the listing is removed after it has sold out it is likely a limited edition and is sold out for good or may return in a few months.
I see a new color in the in-stock that I would like to purchase as a custom, please help! If there is a new color you see that you would love to be featured as a custom option please do email us and let us know or tell us on Instagram. Because we have so many variations for the Design Your Own Custom Notebook or Rings we have been finding it harder and harder to launch new colors. Your requests and opinion help us to bring in the bigger amount of leathers we need for the custom options. 
Also! If we find a stunning color that we know will be a hit, that we are able to get a bigger supply in! We very likely will continue what we have done and launch it as a custom right away. 
Will in-stock effect my custom turn around? 
This is a good and super important question. The team created to make custom items is a separate team. The in-stock team is created and trained to make in stock items. Some artisans really love to make custom items and some like to make in-stock items. What inspires us to create and make is different for all and there's room for both dream teams in our foxy studio. Also often, one of mine and Jordan's favorite things to do is to come in on the weekend in our free time and design and make leather items. It reminds both of us of the days when we first started and it isn't only our work but our hobby and passion.
The turn around for custom made items remains up to 30 business days. While we are always working on bringing the custom turnaround down and while some months we do ship much sooner what I have truly learned over the past short few years is that this is the standard for our shop no matter how hard we try. And I kindly ask if you do not want to wait for the custom turnaround to order in-stock and to not compare the two different formats. But hey! Who knows maybe there will be a grand change and a shift in the tides which could help us naturally to bring the custom turnaround down if more people are interested in in-stock. At the end of the day Foxy is custom and what I have learned is that there is always an ebb and flow with the turnaround for custom but overall it remains the same up to 30 business days and as we continue we will do our best to launch custom items in a better way. We found that the Royal Violet and Rosé launches have been one of our best launches with less errors and we look forward to more of those! 
Where will I be able to find the in-stock leather items? We will make a new tab on the main menu titled either Ready To Ship or In Stock. 
Last but not least our in-stock team now is very small, especially as its something we have only been working on again for the past few weeks. And while we may be adding some new fun colors the inventory will be quite limited to begin. In thus we will for now not be sending out a big newsletter announcement as it doesn't make sense to draw too many people to the website for potentially only an inventory of say 10 covers. It is something we will start again with passion and uniqueness. We will try to grow graciously with any desire that may happen for in-stock and potential custom. As always thank you for your feedback, love, and support. 
Sincerely, The Foxy Fix Team
Extra! Extra! How an in-stock team helps the mystery sales. Our mystery sales are a build-up of imperfect items, doubles, prototypes, items from the photos made for listings as well as brand new items we like to add in for fun. It has been a long time since we have been able to use an in-stock team to help us create bigger mystery sales. A couple of days ago in an Instagram story poll, I asked what everyone felt about the duration of how often we have mystery sales. It was such a close match. 49% wished for more frequent mystery sales even if it meant less inventory and 51% voted for it to remain the same, every few months with more inventory. Perhaps in the future, we can have the best of both worlds with the help of our developing in-stock team.  

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