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Leather Collection: Spice

Leather Colors: 

Foxy Fix Spice Collection

Thickness/Weight: 1.2 - 1.4 mm/2.5 - 3 oz.

Characteristics: A distressed pull up leather with a light sheen. The leather is finished with wax, oil and high heat to set it in, creating the almost patent like look. This leather will develop in character and it can scratch. Some scratches can be rubbed out or will even out over time and use while handling the notebook. 

Foxy Notebook Spice Rhyme Foxy Notebook Spice Turmeric

Foxy Notebook Spice Juniper Foxy Notebook Spice Pumpkin  Foxy Notebook Spice Salt

Comparison: The finish is comparable to the Le Voyager Collection. It has a sheen finish that is almost patent like with a variety in color and tone because of the pull up leather characteristics. However this is one of our thinnest leathers and it is soft and flexible. The Salt (white) and Pepper (black) have the least amount of rustic character due to the color dyeing process and those colors being processed the most. In result leaving a more classical patent like finish. 

Foxy Notebook Le Voyager Macchiato

ex. Comparison Le Voyager 

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