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Pocket Rings
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Foxy Fix Royal Violet Pocket Ring Blog

Pocket Ring Info

Launch Date: August 14

Royal Violet at 4:30 PM PT - Other Colors (listed below) at 6 PM PT

Pocket Ring Collection Link: https://www.foxyfix.com/collections/pocket-ring-binder

Design Details: 

Leather Collection: Pocket rings will be made in numerous leather collections including Sugar, Botanical, Wildflower, Spice and Boss Babe. This week (Aug 14th) we will be releasing the pocket rings in the following leathers:

Royal Violet (spice)

Coconut (sugar)

Mochi (sugar)

Cookie (sugar)

Icing (sugar)

We had planned to also launch it in Stella, however, our latest supply shipment of Stella which arrived yesterday did not pass our quality standards. When more Stella is available again or once we get the chance to count our current inventory I will be sure to post on Instagram and launch Stella Pocket rings.  

Cover Dimensions: 6" Tall x 4.5" Wide (Closed)

Ring Mechanism: High-quality luxury Krause Rings, 20 mm (6 holes)

What paper sizes fit into our pocket rings?

3.03" - 3.5" Wide: This measurement is representative of the paper insert - divider tabs. Leaving an approximate .37 margin from the end of the insert or tab to the end of the cover. This space is great for tucking a pen or pen clip into.

(pocket insert dimensions vary from seller to seller, please cross reference these dimensions first. If you need any help please email us at contact@foxyfix.com) 

Krause Pocket ring mechanisms are compatible with insert heights of up to 5" Tall. Best fitted with inserts 5" tall inserts for the cover height and Krause ring mechanism, however, variant inserts can also be compatible as long as it matches the ring hole spacing.


1-page lifter is included with every Pocket Ring order

Pocket Ring Price:

Starting at $105.00 for the Spice Collection

Starting at $110.00 for Sugar, Wildflower, Botanical, Boss Babe and Stella

We want to be transparent with the starting cost for the other collections. Because we have to split the leather and there are other equipment and craftsmanship that goes into making those leather possible (with the big back pocket) it is a little more expensive. The spice leather arrives at the thickness it is and in thus there is no additional cost. 

Embossing & Foil are additional charges.

Which colors will launch next? (Dates to be determined) 



Pink Peppercorn








Lemon Grass 

A Little Royal Violet Information:

Royal Violet is an aniline-dyed leather such as the spice collection. It has a sleek and smooth wax finish with natural range markings. It is a rich, deep and vibrant purple. This first tannery run has less variation however in person you can still see the beauty of its authentic origins and the beauty of being a full grain leather. 

As I am unable to respond to questions on this blog platform please email us for questions or drop a comment on IG :) 

Royal Violet Collection Link: https://www.foxyfix.com/collections/royal-violet

Happy Tuesday! Sincerely, Kelly


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