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Collection: Lush

Leather Color: Ballerina Slipper

Leather Type: Full Grain, Milled.

Leather Weight/Thickness: 3/4 oz. 1.2 - 1.8 mm

Leather Characteristics: A beautiful full grain, soft milled leather that has a medium finish. This leather is durable and ranges from light pebbly to heavy pebbly texture. The texture is not always consistent so one notebook from top to bottom could have a variety of texture. Sometimes natural range markings such as light scars are on the Foxy Notebook. However, the color is always consistent throughout the entire notebook cover.

Lets take a closer look! 

Lush Leather New Foxy Notebook Design

Design Characteristics: This Foxy Notebook® design features 90 degree corners, straight angled layered pockets and a large full length back pocket. This notebook is for pocket lovers and makes carrying/storing receipts, coupons, journal and planning accessories fun! Please note with the full width back pocket the notebook does become thicker overall.

Lets Take A Closer Look!

Left side pocket.

New Foxy Notebook Pocket Design

Right side pocket.

Full width back pocket.

Big Back Pocket On New Foxy Notebook Design

A access point big enough so one is able to re-strap the elastic but small enough that it doesn't interfere with holding items in the large back pocket.

Close up shot of Foxy Notebook

 Leather Comparison: While the color of Sugar Mochi and Lush Ballerina Slipper are quite similar the textures are very different. Lush is quite softer and has a more velvety inside finish. It is also most often pebbly (a little more like Moccasin, however with a different finish).

mochi Luch comparison photo


Will this leather patina? No

Will this leather be available in rings/other designs? This leather won't be available in rings as its very soft from the milling process and wouldn't attain much structure. We would like to make other items with this leather collection in the future but do not have anything particular planned right now. 

What fittings will this be available in? This design will be available in compact and wide fittings. 

What customization options will we have? Stitch color, elastic color, pen loop, fitting, emboss, foil fill, a front card pocket (for the inside pockets) and in the future more leather colors will be available.

What sizes is this available in? No. 0 - No. 8. Please note that No. 0 does not have the optional front card pockets

Will cash fit in the large back pocket on a No. 0? Yes

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Olga vasquez
So adorable I’m in love cannot wait to get my hands on one,
Melissa Razaghi

This is a new and exciting take on the notebook! I’m so excited for your growth and innovation! Looks like I’m getting a birthday present!

Kate Palmer

Oh no – by the time I received the email they were all sold out :(


This design is my new favorite thing! Already wanting a No 0. Waiting to see what colors are next. Squee!


Absolutely looove this design! Looking forward to different colors too :)

Kate Palmer

If I’m very lucky this little beauty will become my very first Foxy oxo

Sylvia Harris

Yay!! I’m so excited about this color!!!

Brandy Riley

You all are amazing! I can’t wait to get my hands on this newest leather and style! As always, you’re amazing and top notch! ❤️

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