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Posted on 21 June 2016

Hi, everyone! It's Kristine with you today, and I'm so thrilled to be talking to you on the Foxy Fix blog. If you're anything like me, you did not start your planning adventure in the perfect notebook with the perfect system - am I right? Instead, you jumped on a popular bandwagon, moved into something else, maybe moved into something else again, and if you're lucky, finally found exactly what you'd been looking for all that time. Or you may still be searching for that elusive planner peace. I'm feeling really, really good about my planner system these days, and I wanted to share my journey with you and tell you why I'm so thrilled with the Foxy notebook and bujo stamp system I use today.

So here are the three planners I’ve used in the last year before my bujo:

I’m not quite sure how I came across the whole planning phenomenon - I think I may have seen a sponsored post on Pinterest, which then led me to Facebook and the Planner Stamping group. I was seduced by all the beautifully decorated spreads everyone was posting, and I just had to jump on board. I didn't do a whole lot of research - just dove right in! (Considering that my planning style up to that point consisted of a series of post-it notes and random bits of paper all over the house and my desk at work, it really didn't take much marketing to suck me in.)
So I bought stamps and washi and went to town. Over the course of the next 10 months, I fell into a heavily decorated planning style. I tried both vertical and horizontal planner layouts:
I really enjoyed the stamping and decorating aspects of creating my weekly layouts - the icons were cute and I loved choosing washi and inks that coordinated each week. But it turned out there was one characteristic common to both planners that made them less than optimal for me: some days, I’d have so little going on that the space allotted for each day was plenty, but on other days, I had so much going on I couldn’t fit it all in. The preprinted layout worked sometimes, but not all the time. I realized I was trying to fit my life into my planner instead of my planner fitting my life. That was a huge a-ha moment for me. That was the moment I decided that, rather than look for and buy another pre-designed planner, I would make my own.
Enter the bullet journal! Fellow design team member Jes Brandon, with whom I also share a Pinterest board, started pinning all these bujo photos to our board. I got intrigued, and I looked into it. Completely blank pages that I could customize to my needs? It sounded like a dream come true! In true Kristine fashion, I dove in head first - bought myself a Leuchtturm dotted notebook and some Stabilo pens and started drawing up keys and indices and calendar pages and collections. Here's one of my first weeks in my simplified bujo:
Right away, I loved the format. Rather than set up the whole week all at once, I set up each day the night before. That way, each day's space would be as long or as short as needed, without any extra space or space that was crammed with too much stuff. I liked the simple keys of X's to mark completed tasks and arrows to mark migrated tasks. I loved everything about it - but I really missed stamping. I had been a stamper for 11 months, and while I loved the functionality of the bullet journal layout, I missed the stamping. So the next week, I tried to add some of my favorite decorative stamps in:
It was completely adorable, but some of the functionality was already being lost. I did not want to fall down that rabbit hole again, so I tried something new the next week:
I liked this layout, but there was still something missing. And it was a struggle to figure out which stamps I already owned would help me create the layout I needed. I remember thinking to myself - and I swear, I am not making this up - "There need to be stamps for bujos." In an amazing coincidence of good timing, I was contacted out of the blue soon after that by a friend in the planning community who was working to help Foxy Fix get their line of specialty bujo stamps off the ground - and as an experienced stamper, they wanted me to come aboard as a design team member and use the stamps to show their customers how they could work. I couldn't believe my good fortune - this system was EXACTLY what I had been searching for! Kelly, the owner of Foxy Fix, generously sent me their bujo basics and elements sets and a few notebook inserts, and I immediately went to work creating layouts that are pretty AND functional. I've been in planner heaven ever since.
Here are some of the layouts I've created using Foxy Fix bujo stamps. First off, a key using stamps in the elements collection (everything on this page except the word "key" and the key descriptors is stamped with Foxy stamps, even the edge décor):
Next, my June monthly calendar (the original future log didn't work for me, so I went to traditional calendar views for each month - the flexibility is another reason the bujo system is so great):
The calendar squares, banner heading, decorative arrows, and arrows through the last two weeks of the month are all stamped with Foxy stamps. Cute AND functional!
My first weekly layout, stamped using both bujo basics and elements sets. I used the entire left page for a running to-do list throughout the week, adding a new day each evening, and the right side was used to track items I didn't want to forget this week:
For my vacation this month, I turned one of my Foxy inserts into a travel planner/journal. I decorated the cover of it using the rectangles and squares in the bujo basics line and just added shading with two colored pencils - easy and pretty!
Inside the travel planner, I've dedicated a set of pages to each city we'll be visiting. The first page will hold flight, hotel, transportation, and activity information; several following pages have been left blank (except for a pretty border using the elements set) to use for journaling and memory keeping while we're there. I can't wait to use this book and then to see it all full when our trip is over!
While I would often struggle to figure out how to set up my old planners, the ideas for my bujo have just come spilling out. And I still have a long list of collections and pages I want to create using these stamps and inserts.
When I compare my old planners to my Foxy system, I am struck by the difference in style. Before, I think I was trying to compete with all the beautifully decorated planners I saw every week, and since that style really isn't me, I ended up copying a lot of what I saw. Added to that was the fact that no preprinted layout, no matter how open, really worked for me consistently. Now, in my current system, I'm still me - but the bujo stamps from Foxy make it easy to really express myself and my own style through my planner, creating layouts that are pretty and understated, yet super functional. When I look at my planner, I finally feel like I'm looking at myself. And that's an awesome place to be.
If you're here reading, you're either already on your own bujo journey or thinking about starting one. I hope this post has been helpful to you either way! Thanks for being here, and please stay with us in the future for more amazing bujo content, including more blog posts and videos! Follow us at the links below for more Foxy bujo inspiration. Have a great day, and happy planning!
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  • Jes Brandon: June 22, 2016

    Kris this is amazing! Great job!

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