A Day In My Foxy Notebook

A Day In My Foxy Notebook
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Hi everyone! This is Cheryl with you today, and I am so excited to be able to share with you how I use my notebooks on the Foxy Fix blog. First, a little about me...I have been crafting in one form or another my entire life. For many years I was the manager and buyer for a small independant scrapbook store. A couple of years ago we made the difficult decision to close the store for financial reasons. I went on to open my own successful retreat business but discovered that wasn’t where I really wanted to be. I was searching for a new outlet for my creativity but I am also a very left brain thinker and could not get back into the groove. One day I was attending an Illustrated Faith event and Shanna Noel talked about her faux dori. For some reason that really got my attention. A couple of days later I was searching the Etsy stores looking for leather traveler’s journals and came across Foxy Fix and instantly fell in love. Once Kelly added the bujo stamps, I found my new creative outlet.

There are four notebooks that I use on a daily basis. You can incorporate all the reasons I use them into one notebook but these are the four that currently make me happy. Listed from the top down is the Rowena Petite No. 2, Pink Lemonade Petite No. 3, Rowena 2.0 Grand No. 5, and Rowena Grand No. 7.

I start off each day going over my calendar to remind me what I need to do. I really love the weekly calendar that I currently have set up in my Grand No. 7. I used one of the stamps off the foundation tracker set and added a few floral details, the banner, and the dates from the new elements set. 

I am notorious for scribbling notes on scraps of paper and then trying to keep them in some semblance of order. Now, I scribble those notes in my Petite No. 3. I created three (for now) separate notebook inserts for my various notes. This Foxy Notebook I take with me everywhere.

It fits nicely into my purse or I can carry it in my hand or tote. I have a “Groceries” insert (for short trips), an “Every Day Life” insert for several bujo style lists (library, book club, college supply list, party planning, design ideas, etc.), and a “Noted” insert for my notes that don’t fit anywhere else or what I call my brain drain. Each of the title covers were created with the floral elements set. As you can see, I need to practice my penmanship so I stamped two of the titles. My writing is very inconsistent and one of my inserts will be for practicing my lettering.

Here is my library list. I write down what I want to read, what I have checked out and when it is due. I kept the page simple so that there will be plenty of room for my list. My book club list is very similar, however, I am waiting for the new fall list. 

I always shop for groceries with a list. That list used to be all mixed up and I usually forgot something or would have to run from one end of the store to the other to find something that was out of order. I created a shopping list using the foundation rectangles. One thing I discovered though, was that the list in my No. 3 is only good for quick shopping or for a few things unless I migrate onto two full pages (which I think I will do). I will just move the menu planning to the next page. With that change, this size will also make a really good wallet for me. 

 I keep my coupons tucked in the pockets or in the pages. I won’t order a notebook now without pockets! Here is a photo of the Petite No. 3.


Here is a photo of the pockets in the Grand No. 5. 

 When I have specific coupons that I need for a trip, I tuck them in this pocket I made in my notebook insert. I folded the corner down on one of the pages and adhered the sides closed with ⅛ inch score-tape (a very strong, double sided crafting tape). I finished the pocket with the decorative floral elements stamps and a cute little fox from Lawn Fawn.

I used to scramble around looking for that one sheet of paper that I wrote my notes on or the list of things that I needed to do. Now I just write it down in my Petite No. 3. Here is a clean page decorated with the floral elements, all I need to do is fill it up with notes any time of the day that something enters my brain and needs a place to be written down.

Part of the fun of a notebook is creating your own dashboard. I love to play with mixed media so I used watercolor paper and laid down a layer of pretty watercolors followed by the floral elements and date stamps to create a dashboard for my No. 3.

I also use my Petite No. 2 for note taking and list making. I always have photos of my kids tucked away in my Foxy Notebooks. I haven’t fully decided which Foxy Notebook to make my wallet, I am waiting for Foxy Fix to add new wallet insert sizes. They are always coming out with more beautiful must haves :)

When planning for more meals or a longer grocery store trip, the Grand No. 5 works much better for me. I also have room to add any other stops I need to make. It is 5” x 7” which is a really fun size, not as big as the No. 7 but larger than the No. 3 which is 4” x 6”.

Every night I go over my tracker and fill in the details. I used the bujo large tracker and the small calendar to create my tracker. Now that this month is at a close, I am going to make a few changes to it. I love the tracker but there are a few things I really couldn’t track while I was on vacation {ie. cleaning (which I do when I am at home anyway), and organization}. Although the organization tracker is a really good idea for me to get my home in the shape I want it to be (I just couldn’t work on it while I was out of town)!

Each day as I plan in my Foxy Notebook, I come up with more lists to create. Foxy Fix has made it so easy to create a planner that works for each all of us. If something doesn’t work just right, next time do it differently. I especially love the floral elements to add simple beauty to each page.

Thank you for following me on a day with my Foxy Notebooks. If you have any questions, tag me in the Foxy Fix Facebook group. I am usually pretty quick to respond. Also, make sure you follow us for more blog posts, videos and photos of Foxy bujo inspiration!

Happy planning!
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