Vintage Collection - New!

Vintage Collection - New!
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Vintage Collection

Release Date/Time: November 30th, 2019 at 6:00PM PT 

Colors: Antique Brass and Thicket. Antique Brass is a beautiful golden medium brown with a lot of color flow and color marbling. Thicket is a gorgeous medium dark green. And both are filled with stunning variation and have a pull up effect.

Leather Characteristics: There is much to say about the new Vintage collection! And oh how excited I am to be able to talk about it. First things first. Vintage is a full grain and vegetable tanned leather like our un-dyed and retired Santa Fe and Bay leather. This leather will Patina. Which is a very beautiful thing. It is pliable and has a perfect amount of structure. The suede side (inside) is soft and the leather is dyed all the way through. It is also finished with a wax finish much like Rowena. To clarify this collection is not truly Vintage. However, it is everything that we love about classic and vintage leathers. The smell, the colors, the feeling and of course the look!  

Availability: Available in all our current covers and pen sleeves. 

Sizes: All current sizes in Foxy Notebooks, Ring Binders and Perfect Fit covers.

Design Models: Folio (features a full sized big back pocket and 90 degree corners). Also available as an Original (features rounded corners and NO big back pocket. If it is a ring binder the Original also features a snap closure. Original Perfect Fit and Foxy Notebooks are available with an elastic closure.

Foil Colors: N/A Due to the wax finish much like Rowena, foil is not compatible with this leather and we recommend blind deboss only for the most stunning result. 



Brass Antique is visually comparable to our retired Le Voyageur Sandstorm. However it is much lighter in color and varies completely different in thickness and pliability. 

Below: A photo comparing a retired Le Voyageur Sandstorm to a sample piece of Vintage Antique Brass.

Le Voyageur and Antique Brass thickness comparison

Below: Vintage - Antique Brass pliability.

Vintage Antique Brass Pliability

Below: I don't recommend bending your cover backwards. This is just to show more pliability. While Vintage isn't stiff, Jordan is using a little force here. However the covers are not floppy like Lush and most comparable to Rowena. 

Vintage Antique Brass Pliability

Below: Vintage - Thicket pliability.

Vintage Thicket Pliability

Below: This shows off a sample of Vintage Thicket and Vintage Antique Brass compared to a No.5 (b6) Rowena Single. You can see they are almost the same thickness. 

Rowena thickness compared to Vintage Antique Brass and Thicket.

Below: From top to bottom and left to right. Spice Turmeric, Wildflower Amber, Spice Whiskey and Spice Clove. Vintage - Antique Brass has a lot of color variation, color flow and color marbling. It is a stunning color. And each cover made with this color will absolutely look unique. 

Color Comparisons: Brown leather tones

Below: A color comparisons top to bottom and left to right. Spice Thyme, Sugar Matcha and a retired color called Botanical Sour Apple compared to Vintage Thicket. Thicket is a beautiful medium dark green. One thing I do love about Thicket is the color pull up effect is very striking! 

Green color comparisons and vintage thicket


Below: Check out all the pen sleeves! Do you see the pull up effect? To have this in a gorgeous vegetable tanned leather is a dream. This leather has what some may consider the perfect amount of structure while also being relatively soft and pliable (much like Rowena). The pull up effect gives your cover or pen sleeve a beautiful and charming vintage character. The pull up effect will mostly only be noticeable in a pen sleeve. However if you run your finger underneath the leather this effect appears but isn't entirely permanent and is possible because of its wax finish. This effect also may appear when stuffing or overstuffing pockets etc.

pen sleeves showcasing the pull up effect on the leather in thicket and antique brass

Below: A couple top views.

top view of vintage antique brass

Vintage Thicket top view.

Vintage - Antique Brass

Vintage Antique Brass Foxy Notebook and Ring Binder


Vintage - Thicket

Vintage Thicket Pocket Ring Binder and pen sleeves

 All photos were taken in natural light so that I could BEST show off these beautiful colors however every screen/monitor is different. Please expect some variations. Also! Color samples are available on the website. 


Thank you so much for taking the time to read about our new Vintage Collection. If you have any questions please zip us a email for a guaranteed response. 

Sincerely, Kelly

& The Foxy Fix Team



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I’m officially, and hopelessly, in love with the Vintage collection !!! 😍😍😍

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