miniplannervibes Artist Series

miniplannervibes Artist Series
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Hi babe!

My name’s ileidi, and if we haven’t met yet, I’m miniplannervibes on Instagram. I create spooky but cute content and own a little shop on Etsy full of pastel and holo vibes for your planner!

When Foxy Fix reached out to me to propose a collaboration, I nearly fell off of my chair. I must have stared at their message for 5 minutes before finally responding with excitement and soon enough we scheduled a phone call for the following day. Little did they know, I was so anxious and so nervous that I couldn’t sleep and somehow forgot to eat. I was filled with so many emotions, (and questions like “is this for real?”) but most importantly, I had so much I wanted to say.

When I joined the planner community on Instagram a year and a half ago, my content was completely different from what I post now. I was a closeted goth with bats on my bedroom wall and a collection of glimmering skulls but I wasn’t showcasing my true style in my planner. I was born of the Travis Scott generation - millennial rebels who pave their own paths and chase their dreams relentlessly. I wanted, no I NEEDED to express myself authentically and creatively while somehow turning that into a career.

I built up the courage to launch a little shop of digitals in January of 2019. I had minimal knowledge of graphic design and could only draw the bare essentials but I told myself I would figure it all out on the way. I started off with custom digital dashboards with your choice of name in an old English font and eventually my little shop blossomed into so much more. Soon I was building a family of characters like Baby Drac the bat, and Skelany & Lilith: the Unicorn Skeleton sisters. My holo vinyl drip dashboards were being seen in all kinds of planner styles. I collabed with other amazing shops and constantly encouraged those around me to be themselves no matter who’s watching.

miniplannervibes product design banner

Fully embracing the pastel goth aesthetic, I was able to meet so many planner babes with whom I share so much in common. Halloween lovers whose planners are decorated with coffins, flying bats, and a variety of cute skulls. We live and breathe Halloween, now that more Spooky shops are popping up every day, we’re able to express our unique styles in our planners all year long.

I was afraid that Foxy Fix viewed this collaboration as a temporary trend that would only last throughout the official Halloween season. I had so much I wanted to say during our first phone call; I wanted to explain that I belong to a community of pastel goth and goth lovers who embrace all things Spooky as a lifestyle, not a seasonal trend. But before I even had a chance to express my worries, Kelly & Jordan opened up with a simple statement: “We would have done this collab with you even in the middle of April. We weren’t looking for a seasonal collab, we were looking for a community.”

To all of my creepy cute weirdos, spooky lovers, and goth queens... WE DID IT!! 🤘


Our community was built by so many incredible handmade planner shops like Moon Babe Inkery & Illustraxiey who feature all of the witchy vibes. Bumblelenadoodles who can turn a horror movie character into the cutest bumble bee you’ve ever seen. My Cute Digitals and Little Cyn Sews who are a match made in goth heaven. And so many more! You can find us through hashtags like #gothplanner and #pastelgothplannerbabe.

miniplannervibes etsy shop link miniplannervbies instagram link miniplannervibes spooky squad facebook group link 




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danielle taubner

I just wanted to say congratulations to you (and Foxy Fix) on this amazing collaboration!!! I love your stuff…’s pure magic. And I’m a diehard Foxy girl so this is EVERYTHING!!! And a hell yeah to Foxy Fix for going outside the box & not just playing it “safe”. This is truly a forward thinking, creative, beautifully pit together collection & I want it all so many ways!!! I’m going to be broke but stylish as hell!!! Love to all!!! 💕💕💕💕


@MiniPlannerVibes is one of my fav planners in the planner community! I love her aesthetic and her set ups… all the heart eyes! I really love that she found and embraces her niche. We need way more of that in the planner community.

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